Addressing the concluding session of the two-day meet of governors, the Prime Minister has once again promised that the Congress-led government would do utmost in bringing transparency and rooting out graft and sleaze in the working of public authorities, however his assurance has hardly impressed common man, being plagued and distressed with corruption, as such statement was given earlier too but nothing tangible has been done to curb rampant malpractices. The people of the country are running out of patience as they have waited for long, when the PM’s assurance of bringing in a strong Lokpal in order to check corruption would get translated. This question has become fountainhead of many queries, like is the Prime Minister not politically able to bridle the corruption? Isn’t he getting full support from his party as well as alliances to take on graft? It is really intriguing that despite his reiteration of edging out corruption, the PM looks helpless in taking concrete step to bulldoze corruption. It does not augur well, the premier of administration has to feel shackled in taking a bold decision in dealing with any issue, which will disappoint and discourage people who have reposed their faith in him to spearhead the country.

It stirs confusion among people that the Central establishment is on the one hand giving assurances of making all-out effort to checkmate corruption, the Congress on the other is in bellicose mood towards the Team Anna. As a school of thought of the Congress is weaving cock-and-bull story about the Team Anna, it undercuts the Centre’s commitment to weed out corruption. The Congress may rebut the modus operandi of the Team Anna, but it does not mean that there is no need of taking strong action against graft and rot which are deeply percolating in our system. It is an irony that the Congress, on the one side, claims for being earnest to boot out corruption, but on the other it spells out message that others have no right to speak on graft. Mere giving assurances or taking philosophical contour will not contain corruption, rather it is required to hit the iron which has now turned crimson red. The Prime Minister spoke at length on corruption alongwith soaring prices during his meeting with governors, which indicates his sensitivity towards pestering problems that aam adami is going through, but yet more is expected from him to rid the nation of all outstanding issues.