New Delhi: Defending the arrest police officer Sanjiv Bhatt, BJP on Tuesday said it is being done as per the legal process and asked if the attacks against Gujarat Chief Minister show that being anti-Narendra Modi has become "fashionable".
The action has been taken against Bhatt as he has misused his position by forcefully getting a policeman to prepare an affidavit. Only the due process of law is being followed. We do not understand where Modi is involved in this," BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman said.
Bhatt was arrested last Friday on an FIR filed by constable K D Pant. The DIG has accused Modi of complicity in the 2002 riots in Gujarat.
BJP described the attacks against Modi as a "sad state of affairs".
"If I may say lightly, is it fashionable to talk anti-Modi?" Sitharaman said, adding that in such a scenario law of the land can never take full play. Sitharaman also sought to know how Bhatt could be called a "whistleblower".
BJP alleged the central government has started acting against all those who raise their voice in protest.
Sitharaman said while Anna Hazare was troubled earlier, his close associate Arvind Kejriwal has been questioned and now Kiran Bedi's NGOs are being raided.
"Since Subramanium Swamy is active against 2-G spectrum scam, now he is also being targeted," Sitharaman alleged, adding "we cannot have a hypocritical, partisan stand on issues."  BJP insisted that in all the legal cases, be it the Sabarmati Express (Godhra) case, the 2002 riots in Gujarat or any other, justice should be done.
"We are concerned that truth should prevail in all these cases," Sitharaman said.
Asked about Anna Hazare's differences with BJP on the Sanjiv Bhatt case, she said the social activist is not aware of the details of the charges and once he sees all the material against the cop he would be convinced.
However, she was evasive on whether BJP would provide the Gandhian all the material against Bhatt.     

BJP claimed Hazare and the party were against Congress as it is "totally corrupt".
"Congress is equal to corruption today," Sitharaman alleged.