Mumbai: A talented team of an artist father and two market-savvy daughters has come up with a selection of unique, hand-painted bags, each with a story to tell.   

It's a picture perfect advertising moment; a stylish daughter gives her artist father a piece of cloth, her retired dad happily transforms the fabric into art and the daughter gets a tailor next door to convert it to a trendy jhola. After several 'Oh so hots' and 'OMGs' from friends and colleagues, the daughters request Daddy-talented to make more paintings and designed bags, clutches and jholas for friends. This is how Canvas Creations begins.

The new designers in town, Tanya and Joyna along with their father Bijit Mukherjee have started to offer their unique creations to Mumbai customers and stock their products with Memore in Bandra and Bliss in Versova.

"Dad has been painting since he was in college. In those days, one had to become a doctor or an engineer, but he continued to paint, alongside his job as a textile engineer. We decided to make use of those paintings," says 22 year-old Joyna.

"It's also a way for Dad to showcase his creativity, promote himself as an artist and paint professionally," she adds. With Mumbai stores full of quirky products by wacky designers what's special about Canvas Creations? Since all their designs are hand- painted and the products are not mass produced, none of the designs are repeated. "Every bag that we offer is exclusive and there are no repeats. The idea is to let the customer own a piece of art and not just another bag. You will never see someone in a restaurant and be able to say 'Hey, I have the same thing'," Joyna stresses.

Every bag they offer has a story behind it. "My father's work is inspired by stories -- funny or embarrassing moments of his life. Like in case of every artist, each one of his paintings says something and we pass that on to the customer by attaching the story on the label that comes along with the bag," she says. Bags and clutches cost between Rs 1,500 and Rs 2,500, and are hand-painted by Mukherjee. He is also open to customising the product as per your whims and fancies.

Now, who can put a price on art?