New Delhi: Looking to groom more students for higher studies, the Indian School of Business plans to take individuals who have completed three-year degree programmes as academic and research associates.
Generally, people hired by ISB as academic and research associates are those who aspire to pursue doctorate programmes overseas.
Academic associates (AAs) are those scholars who assist faculty with research and teaching while Research Associates (RAs) help faculty with research only.
"We also plan to expand this programme (of hiring RAs and AAs) to include bachelor degree holders in Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics from top colleges," ISB Senior Associate Dean (Faculty and Research) Sanjay Kallapur told.
At present, the programme is only for post graduates or those who have completed four-year degree.
The associates are hired through campus recruitment from reputed institutions such as IITs and IIMs. Each of them work with a faculty member.
"They takes their GMAT or GRE tests if they have not done so before, and typically apply for PhD in the fall of their second year and leave for their PhD at the end of their second year.
"Three-year bachelor degree holders would typically apply in the fall of their third year," Kallapur said.
The intake of academic and research associates are based on the number of faculties at ISB. Salaries are also paid to these associates.
"While we do not have an exact count, over 30 of our RAs and AAs have gone for higher studies in just the last few years," Kallapur said.
Hyderabad-based ISB is a leading business school in the country.