Movie: Ishkq In Paris

Director: Prem Soni

Cast: Preity Zinta, Rhehan Malliek, Isabelle Adjani, Salman Khan, Shekhar Kapur

Jagran rating: Average

Story Line: Director Prem Raj's debut film "Main Aur Mrs Khanna" took a quaint capricious look at love during times of adultery. In 'Ishkq in Paris' he takes flight in a Parisian paradise where two strangers, both single attractive and commit-phobic, spend a night together in the romantic city of ‘Paris’.

No, not doing what you think in your dirty minds. They roam the cobbled mysterious pleasurable lanes of Paris in pursuit of a good time and then decide "never" to meet again. If you've seen how Kareena Kapoor affects the sober, staid and repressed Shahid Kapoor in "Jab We Met", you'd know that feminine exuberance is a hard aphrodisiac to resist, especially if you are a closet-romantic like Akaash (Rhehan Maliek) who in no time at all (first five minutes of this crisp and delightful slice of love-life comedy) is eating out of Ishkq's (Preity Zinta) lovely hands.  Ah, Ishqk! She is that kind of a girl. Half-French and fully desi, Ishqk fills up the frames with an unbridled joie de vivre. But she is afraid of commitments and the guy is happy to live along. They at last decide to split and never to meet each other.

The reason why Ishkq is against commitment is because of her father (Shekhar Kapur) who ditched her french mother Marie (Isabella Adjani) when she was just seven. This Indo-French girl therefore lives in a cocoon, hates marriage and fears divorce. What happens to this love story? Will Ishkq ever come out of her repressed character?  Watch the movie to know what happens to this love saga.

Thumbs Up: Missing from the screen for a couple of years, Preity bounces back with a performance that derives its zing and sparkle from the actress' inbuilt zest for life. Preity takes her character Ishqk beyond her own personality. This is not the first time Preity plays a repressed character. In Nikhil Advani's "Kal Ho Naa Ho", Preity had to make a 'spectacle' of her character Naina to bring out her commitment phobia in the absence of a father, who abandoned her when she was young. Here in this Parisian homage to all things romantic, Preity's character blossoms before us without props and yet looking immensely fetching. It is a non-accessoried performance, very basic and liberated from humbug. Salman Khan’s balle balle in a lovable cameo would be a pleasant delight to watch.  Preity brings out the highs and lows in her emotionally awash character without taking flamboyant leaps of on-camera conceit.  Director Prem Raj allows the couple plenty of space to let their feeling breathe freely and easily into the narration.  The exquisite camerawork by Manush Nandan sweeps languorously through the neon-lit seductive night-life of Paris and the daytime bustle of the streetside cafes without getting into touristic awe.

Thumbs down: The much-hyped romantic saga ‘Ishkq in Paris’ does not have love on its agenda, atleast not in the first half of the story. Nearly one half of the film is wasted, doing precious nothing. Debutant Rhehan seems low in front of experienced Preity as far as performance is considered.

Preity Zinta's maiden production has its aesthetics in place. Welcome back, Preity. And yes, bon appetite to all moviegoers. Go, tuck in.


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