"We received information that they were also planning to raid several army camps and police stations to boost their weapons cache," Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said.

"The locations identified as the cell's terror targets were in Kuala Lumpur and the administrative capital of Putrajaya," he said in a statement.

The suspected militants had planned to kidnap VIPs and raid banks to fund terror activities, he said.

Khalid added that among the 17 detained on Sunday were two Armed Forces personnel and an Indonesian militant, believed to be a former member of the Jemaah Islamiah terror group.

Those detained are reportedly aged between 14 and 49.

The latest arrests bring the number of those detained for suspected IS links to 92 since February 2012.

Local media reports, quoting unnamed intelligence sources said, the suspected militants had planned terror attacks on several landmarks in the city as they felt that Malaysia was a secular and non-Islamic state.

Their leader, a 45-year-old former member of the terror group Kumpulan Militan Malaysia (KMM), went to Syria in August 2014 and returned to Malaysia in December.

The trader has reportedly received weapons training in Afghanistan from 1989 to 1990 and was also involved in a conflict in Sulawesi in November 2000.

Among those held were a religious teacher, two civil servants, a security officer and the leader, a former Internal Security Act (ISA) detainee.

The source described the arrests of the terror cell members as vital to thwart any attack in Malaysia.

"Most of the 17 are hardcore believers in IS ideology," the media reports quoting the source said.

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