"ISIS is a continuing threat, both in Iraq and Syria, and then you see the ability of it as a movement to inspire the lost and the radical worldwide to acts of violence," Carter told lawmakers during a Congressional hearing yesterday.
"So it's seriously concerning in both of those respects. We are combating it from the air and with partners in both Iraq and Syria. We can go into that in substantially more detail, if you wish," he said.
Carter also said the Iranian behaviour was concerning on a number of fronts and in a number of locations, including the stability of Gulf countries, freedom of navigation, besides the country's nuclear program.
"I think this creates a continuing requirement for a presence in the region, reassurance of allies and partners in the region, particularly Israel, but not confined to Israel, but particularly Israel," Carter said.
"With respect to the nuclear agreement, the President has said that he would take no deal over a bad deal. And, therefore, we are under instruction to have a military option, which we work hard to maintain," he added.


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