"The new version era as represented by the ISIS will become far more attractive (to the youth). It already is attractive..," he said at a seminar on 'Foreign Policy and the Media' organised here.

He said: "With a vision of a virtual state, the caliphate of ancient Islamic history and the emphasis it places on spiritual purity and exclusionist puritanism, the radical Islamic challenge is likely to become even more formidable one than it is at present.
"India is likely to be one of the prime targets of this," he said, as he listed out challenges he foresaw to the country's foreign policy in the coming years.
The sub-tendencies currently seen in the context of radical Islam might envelope many other "great religions", thus altering the nature of nations and society.
Enhanced religious rivalry would increase prospects of sectarian strides and conflicts and would involve many more sects and religions, he said.
The former West Bengal Governor also observed that the country would face challenges on foreign policy front with neighbouring countries.

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