New Delhi: Greeting the masses on the occasion of New Year, Parampujya Shree Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj asked people to follow the path of devotion and serve God with pure heart and soul to attain happiness in life.

“If you walk on the path of devotion with closes eyes, you will never fall. But if you run cautiously on the path of materialistic world with your eyes open, there is always a danger to fall in midway,” said the ISKCON scholar.
Addressing devotees at ISKCON temple here during a spiritual programme, Goswami Maharaj requested people to take pledge of adopting the teachings of Sri Krishna and follow the path set by the deity. 

On the occasion, Rock band Gorang made the evening musical with their spiritual compositions. The crowd was carried away by the musical magic created by the lead guitarist of the band, Parteek who sang ‘Yashomati Nandan’.

Besides, young kids of Bhakt Prahlad School performed a small drama to create awareness about Sri Krishna devotion. Meanwhile, ISKCON Youth Forum presented a play depicting the discrepancies prevalent in present society.