Mumbai: Islam is a widely-misunderstood religion. Those who are unfamiliar with the faith often have misunderstandings about its teachings and practices. Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi feels the same.

He says there are many misconceptions about Islam and that 90 percent of what people know about the religion is a myth. 'Islam is a very nice religion, but it's been misinterpreted very badly.

Quran means a book to be read; it doesn't claim to be a holy book,' Arshad told the agency.

He said, 'Ninety percent of what people say about Islam is a myth.People say that in Islam you get a divorce by just saying the word talaaq three times.  It is not true. It is not that you say the word three times and marriage is over.'

Explaining the divorce process, he said: 'You go to the court, say talaaq there once. Then you have to live together (with your wife) for a month and again you go back to the court and say the word again and then again stay together for another month. Even then your problems are not resolved, and then you go to the court again and say talaaq again. That's how it happens. Even after that you have to give maintenance to your divorced wife.'

Arshad also said that the four marriages concept is not exactly the way it has been perceived so far.

'It's not that you can marry four women. You can't get married again without the permission of your first wife. Half of the people don't know the truth about Islam,' said the actor who is married to Maria Goretti, a Christian, and they have two children, a son named Zeke Warsi and a baby girl named Zene Zoe Warsi.