Rafah (Palestinian Territories):  Israeli planes killed four Palestinians and wounded another three in Gaza in retaliation for suspected Islamist militants killing eight Israelis near the Egyptian border.

And the Israeli military promised to probe the deaths of Egyptian policemen killed the previous day as Israeli forces pursued the militants in the frontier zone.

Official Egyptian media said Cairo had complained to Israel over the incident.

While Israeli aircraft hit Gaza on Friday, Palestinians fired a steady hail of rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel, at least 25 since the start of the day, the military said.

Three Israelis were wounded in the city of Ashdod, police said.

An Israeli strike on the Northern Gaza Strip killed a commander of the Popular Resistance Committees, which Israel blames for the ambushes on its citizens in the Southern Negev desert on Thursday. The group named him as Samed Abed, 25.

It said a raid on the Gaza City neigbourhood of Zeitun took the life of PRC member 22-year-old Mohammed Enaya and medics said another person was injured there and two seriously hurt in nearby Tofah.

Palestinian Medical Officials said two more men were killed in a missile strike as they rode a motorcyle in the vicinity of the Bureij refugee camp.

The Al-Quds Brigade, the armed wing of the militant Islamic Jihad, said one of the men was their activist Emad Abu Abda. The identity of the second and his possible affiliations were not immediately known. Israeli public radio said both were PRC members.