Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under pressure from the US to agree to President Barack Obama's proposal to resume peace talks with the Palestinians based on the 1967 border lines.

The Obama administration was very frustrated with Netanyahu's behaviour, feeling that he was impeding American efforts to keep the Palestinians from unilaterally seeking UN recognition of a state in September, an Israeli source, who spoke recently with senior officials in Washington, was quoted as saying by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.
"He's asking us to protect him in September, but he isn't giving us any tools with which to help him," the top Israeli source quoted one American official as saying.
"Instead of helping us, he's making it harder for us."
The source said the US administration's frustration with Netanyahu began with his last month's trip to Washington where he argued with President Obama over the issue and refused to endorse the proposal in an address to Congress.

The Israeli daily report said the White House is pressuring Netanyahu to accept its proposal to begin the peace negotiations on the basis of Obama's May 19 speech in which the President called for the borders to be based on the 1967 lines, with mutually agreed land swaps.
The Americans once again put forward the Obama proposal to Netanyahu's personal envoy Isaac Molho, who was in Washington last week.
The proposal calls for negotiating over borders and security first, while deferring contentious issues such as the status of Jerusalem and the refugees until later.
Molho was told that in a bid to block European initiatives such as France's proposal for an global peace conference in Paris, the US administration must have something concrete to offer, like Netanyahu's acceptance of Obama's proposal, the report said.
It said the same proposal was also given to chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, who has agreed to resume negotiations based on the Obama line.
But the "Americans didn't get anything new from Molho," a European diplomat, who was briefed on Netanyahu's personal envoy's talks in Washinton, was quoted as saying.