"We have been seeing over the years one phenomenon that world over the relevance of space programme and the benefits that the space can give to the humanity are being underscored, the need for synergy in space, cooperation in space as compared to the competition that existed few decades ago is getting more and more relevant," he said.
Speaking at the International Conference on Space Business 'World Space-Biz 2014', he said the role of industry as a major partner in space was getting "more and more emphasised and institutionalised."
He pointed out the value addition done by industrial firms across sectors towards the success of India's Mars mission at different levels.
Radhakrishnan said, "The idea over the last couple of years has been to have an entity in this country, comprising the public sector, private sector and ISRO holding together and creating a model that will be good for the country where the operational launch vehicle could be brought out, operational satellite system can be brought out and also how do we enhance our contribution to the international space industry."
He said, "Progress is happening in this area and may be by the time we have a similar engagement after couple of years we would see the whole idea getting crystallising into a workable model and possibly after that you will hear the announcement of a PSLV coming out of that entity."
"Arianespace is a wonderful model for it, where several countries come together and work together and realise...Ariane family of rocket, more than 220 launchers there are in Ariane family. We also had several of our satellites launched using that vehicle..."
Arianespace was founded in 1980 as the world's first commercial satellite launch company. Its shareholders include the French space agency CNES, Astrium and all European space companies, representing 10 European countries.

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