Moving ahead with its launch of crew module recovery experiment, ISRO had earlier said it would launch the heaviest rocket GSLV-MarkIII sometime between December 15 and 20 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.
"ISRO's LVM 3 X flight planned on December 18 will carry active Solid boosters, Liquid core stage and a passive Cryo stage," ISRO said in micro-blogging site Twitter.
"#ISROLVM3 mission would validate its atmospheric ascent, esp. the aerodynamic & control features that cannot be decisively tested on ground," it said.
"#ISROLVM3 flight will carry the CARE (Crew-module Atmospheric Re-entry Experiment) Module, to be recovered from the Bay of Bengal," it said.

According to Satish Dhawan Space Centre Director, M Y S Prasad, the launch intends to test the atmospheric characteristics and stability of the updated rocket on its way up and would study the crew module on its re-entry into the atmosphere. While the rocket would cost Rs 140 crore, the crew module would cost Rs 15 crore.

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