Yokohama: Brazilian teenage football star Neymar says it is 'impossible' to beat Barcelona after his side was demolished 0-4 in the finals of the FIFA Club World Cup.

Neymar and his compatriots impressed in the tournament but couldn't make their mark and were completely outclassed by the Spanish champions here on Sunday night at the packed International Stadium.

'It is impossible to stop Barcelona, but we are the second-best team in the world and for us that is a great reward,' Neymar said.

Santos coach Muricy Ramalho too was left in complete awe of the Catalan side, who he thought were 'invincible'.

'Barcelona are the greatest team in the world,' he said. 'No team can live with them. They're unbeatable at the moment. Losing 4-0 to them is no disgrace.'

Barca manager Pep Guardiola was all praise for his side, who won the title for the second year running.

'My players were like artists,' Guardiola said. 'Whatever they envisaged in their minds they were able to do on the pitch. It was an incredible performance.'

'We try to control the midfield and exploit space. We wanted to suffocate the supply to Neymar, who we know is a dangerous player, and to Borges,' he added.

'There is no special secret to our success. I am just blessed to work with such terrific players who want to keep on winning. They deserve all the credit.'