New Delhi: “It was not molestation, it was a gang-rape instead”, this was the first reaction of the Newslive reporter, Dipya Bordoloi who managed to shoot the footage of the atrocious incident where a 17-year-old girl was stripped, molested and harassed by over 20 men in full public view on the busy road of Guwahati on Monday evening.

The reporter who claimed to have tried to intervene to rescue the girl, said, “The minor girl cried for help but all went unheard. The crowd was too looking everything quietly. I also tried to intervene but the mob was growing and I found myself on a weaker front. Therefore, I asked my assistant to shoot whole incident in the camera.”

“Even if they realized that they are on camera, they couldn’t think of stopping themselves. Instead they started forcing the girl to bring her face before the camera. No sign of awkwardness were on their face. They were enjoying the helplessness of the poor girl,” Bordoloi said.

The video that went viral on youTube, showed the faces of the perpetrators clearly where the girl was repeatedly thrown down to the ground, stripped and thrashed. The netizens have however, criticized the reporter for shooting the shocking incident instead of helping the girl.

The Managing Editor of Newslive, Syed Zarir Hussain, has been quoted as saying to a popular news channel, "If we had shut our cameras, those arrested would have gone scot free."


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