Rome: In a setback to former US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden, two more countries on Thursday rejected his request for asylum.

Italy cannot accept an asylum request from former US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden because there are no legal or political conditions to do so, Foreign Minister Emma Bonino said.    

"The rules require that the asylum-seeker needs to present himself personally" either to the embassy or on Italian territory, she said. The conditions are not there to accept it and it's possible for the Italian government from a political point of view," she said.
Meanwhile, France said it had decided to reject a request for asylum from US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden after legal analysis.
"Like many countries, France received a request for asylum from Mr Edward Snowden through its embassy in Moscow. Given the legal analysis and the situation of the interested party, France will not agree," the Interior Ministry said in a statement.
Snowden is believed to have been stuck in the transit zone of Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport since June 23, as he tries to avoid US justice for leaking details about a vast US electronic surveillance programme.
Snowden has requested asylum with 21 countries.


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