The Italian government could recall its Ambassador to India for "urgent consultations", Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni was quoted by the Italian news agency ANSA having told Parliamentarians in Rome. However, the minister said that this did not mean Italy wished to cut diplomatic relations with New Delhi.
Yesterday, the apex court had rejected pleas of Massimiliano Latorre, who is currently in Italy after he suffered a condition similar to stroke in September in New Delhi, seeking extension of his stay in Italy on health grounds. It also rejected the request of Marine Salvatore Girone to travel there for Christmas, saying they cannot get such a "leeway".
Meanwhile, Italian Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti said that the full physical recovery of marine Latorre was "a priority for the government and nothing will be done to jeopardize his condition".
Pinotti added that Latorre, who was allowed to leave India in September for four months of medical treatment at home, is in no condition to travel.
She added that Italy was not defying India, but the recognition of Latorre's health problems was simply "a calm and firm acknowledgment of the situation".
His leave was granted by the Indian government after he suffered a form of heart attack.
After the Supreme Court rejection yesterday, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano and other politicians expressed displeasure over the development, the ANSA said.
The two Italian marines, accused of killing two fishermen in Kerala in 2012, maintain that they fired on the two fishermen after mistaking them for pirates while guarding an Italian oil tanker. They have been living in the Italian embassy in New Delhi since then waiting to be tried, and were not supposed to leave the country.
The situation has led to tense relations between India and Italy, which says that India has no jurisdiction in the case.

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