"Models are as human as any other person who start out fresh and goes to acting school or does theatre. Models just choose to pose or walk on a ramp instead. But that is also role playing. No model is herself on camera... she can't be. She is given the role of making a garment or a brand work and that is hard too," Hasleen said in an interview here.

"Often this misconception holds them back, but given the technical knowledge of acting, they can do wonders," she

There are quite a few models, who have made a place in Bollywood for themselves, and Hasleen's favourite is Deepika Padukone.

"Deepika Padukone has proved that she is a thinking actress. I am in complete awe of her beauty, skills,  fashion sense and they way she conducts herself," she said.

For Hasleen, Femina Miss India finalist 2011, being in Bollywood and acting in films was the obvious transition after modeling. She loves theatre and performing arts and is a classical dancer.

"After Miss India, Bollywood seemed like the best space to be in to showcase my skills and also become a part of one of the most glamorous fields in the world today. Besides, Bollywood has become very open to new faces and talent. One can experiment and pick up different characters rather than getting stereotyped," she added.

She is making her debut in Bollywood filmmaker Suneel Darshan's film 'Karle Pyaar Karle', which also marks the debut of his son Shiv.

"As an actor I also wanted to start with a role that's just like me, youthful, vibrant, confident, glamorous and urban. Suneel Darshan's credibility and his humility is something I saw in Shiv as well," she said.

"Shiv is a perfectionist and a hard worker, who strives for nothing but the best. Even when sometimes I was okay with a take, Shiv would still be at it. He is got tremendous energy and a positive vibe which is infectious," she added.

In the film she plays the role of Preet a daredevil, who loves to pull pranks on others and is not scared of nyone.

"She walks around with a cool, confident, you-can't- mess-with-me attitude which is admirable in today's girls. I had to watch certain films and series to emulate the body language. I used to rehearse every night with my director for the next day's scenes," Hasleen said.


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