The US-based company faced severe criticism over alleged violation of Net neutrality by even as Facebook has continued to defend the initiative that offers free access to basic Internet services to consumers.
India has over 8 lakh users under the initiative. Facebook Chief Mark Zuckerberg said the regulatory framework needs to protect Net neutrality for consumers and also ensure that companies are allowed to work on new models for stepping up Internet access.
"There is this big struggle, debate in India now on how you balance these two things and this is an incredibly important debate because India is the country in the world with the most unconnected people," he said.
He added that connecting everyone to the Internet is a large national and global priority as it will help with job creation and elevating people from poverty.
"I think we need to make sure the regulatory framework that enables both of those things, Net neutrality protection that folks need and the ability to work on new models for (Internet) access," he said.
As part of its initiative, Facebook had partnered with telecom major Reliance Communications in India to offer free access to over 30 websites without data charges to users., which has recently been rebranded as Free Basics, is now available in 20 countries.

The firm faced massive criticism for the platform as it was seen violating the principle of Net neutrality, which is against any priority being accorded to an entity in the Internet traffic flow on account of payments to service providers like telecom companies.