The stand-up comedian, who quit the show last year and has made a fresh entry as Bittoo Sharma's father-in-law, talks at length about his comeback and his new avatar.

When asked you are back on ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ the stand-up comedian promptly replied “Yes, we recorded my re-entry, if we can call it that, on Wednesday night. I had eaten the auspicious dahi-chini (curd and sugar) before leaving for the shooting. It was like coming home. But of course I was nervous.”

Talking about the audience’s reaction he said “the audience broke into spontaneous applause. I felt very, very welcomed.”

When asked how Kapil welcomed you he replied “we have been in touch all through the period when I was away from ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’. He welcomed me very warmly. Rather, I welcomed him, since I reached the set before he did. He came 15 minutes after me. When I saw him, I said, "Welcome to 'Comedy Nights With Kapil'." We sat together laughing, sharing jokes, chatting in-between shots.”

He further added “In fact, it felt as though I had never left the show. The period in-between simply evaporated. I met Kapil like two friends who pick up the threads of their relationship after some time. He was very warm (gets emotional). Kapil is a sensible, decent man. We share a terrific chemistry. The minute we see one another we smile at one another.”

When asked why you feel your re-entry may not be called a re-entry he said “because I never felt I had gone away. The 'Comedy Nights...' team has been and always will be a part of me. I may have gone away for a while. But I was never far away.”

Talking about Mad In India’s failure Sunil said “there are many reasons why a show fails. I worked hard on the show. But there is no point in brooding over it. It's time to move on.”

“I am now fully into the Comedy Nights With Kapil it will take up a lot of my time. And if Gutthi comes back, it will be even more time-consuming. She is a very demanding girl. I tell you,” he further added.

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