New Delhi: Team Anna member Justice Santosh Hegde on Friday said it will be a "misconduct" if activist Kiran Bedi had not taken the permission of organisers of events for transferring the difference in money on air tickets to her NGO.
Hegde said if she has taken the permission of the "donors", he does not think that there is anything wrong with it because they knowingly gave the money.
"Certainly, it would be the other way round. It will be a misconduct," Hegde told Karan Thapar in a television programme when asked whether her act amounts to misconduct.
Queried whether simply informing the donors was the same as taking their permission, he said the donors should accept it. He also said donors have also a chance to say no to such requests.
Bedi is facing allegations that she was overcharging companies and institutions, who invited her to their functions, by inflating her travel expenses while availing discounts using her gallantry medal.
Hegde said he is in Team Anna only to fight corruption and for a strong Lokpal Bill.
"I have my own reservations in regard to opinions expressed by other members of the team. But I am not going to leave Anna. The agenda is only to fight corruption, nothing to do with Kashmir, nothing to do with any other issue," he said.