London:  Homework assignments are just a waste of time as they do not make any difference and do not translate into better grades, researchers say. University of Virginia researchers looked at data of 18,000 tenth grade students across U.S and found that homework doesn't necessarily help children to get better grades, but may help them get better standardized test scores.

"The more time students spend on homework, it's not clear that they are getting better grades or better test scores," a daily quoted co-author Robert Tai as saying.

"What we are concerned with is that homework is just being assigned rather than being used to integrate what's going on in the classroom," he said.

However, the study doesn't suggest that all homework is bad, especially when it comes to maths.

"When it comes to math, what we found is that there is a bit of a sweet spot," Tai said.

"Students that were spending about a half an hour on math homework were reporting that their grades and test scores were actually better," he added.


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