A popular website lists various methods to avoid putting on weight during winter:

- Exercise outdoors: The cold wind might discourage you from stepping out. Take out your workout clothes and get out for jogging or cycling.

- Stock up on superfood: Consume food items that are beneficial to the body. Sweet potatoes contain lots of fiber which makes you feel fuller for longer. Apples are also healthy.

- Lighten up seasonal favourites: Macaroni and cheese is loved by many but cut down calories by opting for healthier ingredients like adding more vegetables rich in vitamins and other nutrients.

- Have an eating plan: Eat breakfast in the morning to boost your metabolism. Exercise before the feast. It will influence the way you feel (and the way you think) about food. Pick and choose which proteins and carbohydrates your body requires. Wait for 20 minutes before stuffing food. This way you’ll know if you're still hungry.

Don't drink beverages with umpteen calories. If you're more into alcohol, mix your choice of liquor with sparkling water and lime instead of tonic or soda.


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