Amit Shah claimed that the conservation of the Ganga River and development of Varanasi are the two top most priorities of Narendra Modi government adding that the ruling dispensation at the Centre would leave no stones unturned in restoring the glorious traditions of knowledge and art in Varanasi.

The BJP president added that Modi regime would also ensure that their ancestral Ganga civilization prospers again, which would eventually impart the status of ‘world leader’ to India on the international stage.

Development of the temple town of Varanasi and cleansing of the River Ganga are not matters of vote bank for Prime Minister Modi and people should be patient in this regard, said Shah.

He added that Modi had been a Legislator from Maninagar in Gujarat for 12 years during which he completely revamped the face of his constituency.

Shah said when Modi can make so many efforts for the development of his assembly constituency then why would he not put similar hard work for the upliftment of his Parliamentary constituency Varanasi.

The NDA government has pledged to transform the spiritual city of Varanasi into world’s most advanced city, he claimed.

Shah added that the time has now arrived for PM Modi to fulfill all the promises he made to the people of Varanasi during his election campaign.

Shah praises ‘Ganga Jagran Yatra’

Praising the ‘Ganga Jagran Yatra’, which is organized by world’s most read daily newspaper – Dainik Jagran and aimed at making the holy river clean and clear, Shah said any honest effort whether small or large always accomplishes its goals.

Modi aide said that Dainik Jagran started this unique campaign with pure and unblemished intentions. He added that efforts to make Ganga River pollution-free have been taken since 1986 but they have given no desired result so far.

The BJP president said if the major rationales behind the failure of the efforts in cleansing River Ganga are not figured out at this moment then it is highly unlikely that any fresh endeavors in this regard would achieve its goal.

Shah claimed that one of the most important reasons why all the efforts so far to clean river Ganga have been futile is because of its failure to become a mass movement.

It would be implausible for the government to successfully materialize measures to clean River Ganga until and unless people are not rightly enlightened in this regard, Shah said.

He added that if every village and panchayat situated on the banks of River Ganga pledges that they won’t dump filth and garbage in the holy river then the objective to make it pollution-free can be achieved.

Dainik Jagran CMD Mahendra Mohan Gupta says ‘Kashi is India’

The Chairman and Managing Director of Dainik Jagran, Mahendra Mohan Gupta graciously thanked all the guests, especially Shah, for attending the forum on Wednesday.

Gupta said the development work of Varanasi could be done with utmost effectiveness.

He added that in 1916, Mahamana Pt Madan Mohan Malaviya had kept the foundation stones of the prestigious Benaras Hindu University and almost a century since then, now the foundation stones for a highly-developed Varanasi have been kept.

The Dainik Jagran CMD said that Varanasi would once again claim its status and self respect under able leadership of Narendra Modi.

If anyone wants to have a real view of India then he/she should definitely come to the city of Varanasi, said Gupta.

He claimed that Varanasi itself is India, adding that the Dasaswamedh Ghat, the Panchganga Ghat and the Kashi Vishwanath Temple in the city are renowned worldwide.

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