Aurangabad, Jan 29 (Jagran News Network):On his last leg of three-day visit to Maharashtra, Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi voiced concern about black money stashed in banks abroad and affirmed that the money belongs to public and must be utilized for their welfare.

"The Indian Youth Congress is ready to ensure that this money is channelized for public welfare activities," Gandhi said, on being asked about the volume of unaccounted cash hidden in foreign banks after tax evasion.

According to Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee’s statement on Tuesday, the amount of black money stashed in foreign banks amounts to $462 billion to $1.4 trillion and government was taking all steps to bring it back.

He said this money should be utilized for the welfare of the poor in the form of education, healthcare etc.

Gandhi suggested ways to fight corruption in the society: swift action against the corrupt, and letting the young participate in politics.

Gandhi also rued Nashik Additional District Collector Yashwant Sonawane’s killing by oil mafia, saying that it should be ensured that such incidents are not be repeated.

Addressing the issue of corruption, he said that it is a serious issue, which is rampant in the country but that people needed to do something more apart from pointing fingers.

Gandhi also spoke about the absence of democracy in political parties and urged youth to join politics to change the system.

He said that politics needs to open door to youth and this can happen only when there is democracy and decentralization of power in political parties and added that the Congress party is looking for capable youth.

He said, "I am unhappy with the present political system and there is a need to change it," and added that corruption in the system should properly be probed.