New Delhi: Jackie Chan, who has a huge Indian fan following, was in Delhi recently to inaugurate the first ever China Film Festival at Siri Ford auditorium. Also present at the festival, were the Indian and Chinese Information & Broadcasting Minister, Manish Tiwari and Cai Fuchao.

Talking at the festival, Chan disclosed his likes about India and the Indian film industry. When asked about his favorite Bollywood film, he was quick to mention Amir Khan-starrer, 3 Idiots. Asked if he would ever want to work in Indian films, he said he is waiting for offers from Bollywood directors. While inaugurating the six day long festival, the Chinese actor and stunt director also sung a few Chinese songs.

Where there is song and dance, there is food as well. Chang said he loves Biryani and Curry Chicken and feasts himself on both. He often goes to Indian restaurants in Hong Kong.

Further, talking about the tradition of song and dance in Indian films, he said, the Indian choreographers are incredible.

On popularizing cinema from both countries, the Rush Hour actor said, writers from China and India should write about each other and should make films so that people in both the countries get an opportunity to know each other in a more comprehensive and better way.

The recent controversy of the Chinese incursion into Indian Territory was also discussed during the festival, to which the actor said he will soon make a film based on peace.