Your government is under scanner over employment and other issues?

The Opposition did nothing while they were at the power. The political leaders who got opportunity of ruling the country for five-six decades failed to save their regime. They are unable to digest successive defeat. The country has long been witnessing repercussion of casteism, communalism, hippocracy in the name of poverty. Our vision will change the country's image in the next five-seven years. The Opposition is trying hard to create hurdles in our works. They are portraying our schemes as anti-poor and anti-farmer. But country's farmers and poor are wise enough and understand our motive and devotion. We are taking steps to generate more employment to raise farmers' income. I believe that the countrymen will stand by me. As far as the Opposition portraying us as anti-poor, I would like to ask them that if they were well wisher of poor, why the country is still reeling from poverty? Our strategy is to fight against poverty. I think the poor is the powerful tool to fight against poverty. We have waged the war against poverty. We will surely win it.

Do you think that you can take the country forward by ignoring corporate sector?

We know that India is a young country. Our priority is how to provide jobs to maximum number of people. We want to set up new industries. We want to hike prices of agri produce so that farmers can reap more benefit. We are serious over how to expand agri-industries. We also want to prosper mining sector. We must focus on whether to export raw materials or set up industries and then export the products. We are trying hard not to export iron ore. Instead, we must focus on steel production. Our cotton becomes fabric and fashion in the world market. Why can't we produce it indigenously so that our youths can get jobs. We have made tremendous efforts in this direction in the last 12 months. We have introduced many measures to simplify the trading process:

1. Tax structure was made simple, steady and transparent.

2. Import of many products was easier than their production due to inverted duty. We have rectified it.

A firm was required to get approval from various departments to set up industry. Now the government has put 14 such subjects on the online platform of E-Biz.

4. It's not mandatory for many defence products to get licence.

5. The time limit of industrial and shipping licence has been extended.

6. The government has set up Investor Facilitation Cell.

7. Labour laws have been simplified and they were made online.

Have they started to produce result?

We have taken such steps to remove administrative hurdles. To provide shelters to the poor is nation's responsibility. Crores of people will get jobs if houses are constructed in the country. The poor travel by rail. We cannot ignore it. We want to equip railway with modern facilities. We want to set up those industries which can generate huge opportunities of jobs.  Many avenues will open for corporate sector in the process of employment generation. Government's effort during the last 12 months have been meaningful. FDI has increased by 38.75 percent. Approach of foreign investors and institutions towards India has changed. All the financial institutions whether World Bank or IMF said Indian economy is on the right path. Few days back, Moody's has improved  our rating. All these factors boosted morale of corporate sector. I do hope that the corporate sector will reap benefit and perform their duties in the direction of industrialisation and employment generation in the country.  

To be continued...