Modi government completes one year in office. Do you feel tremendous pressure of people's expectation?

India has witnessed an absolute majority of government at the Centre after 30-long years. People's deep disenchantment with the malfunctioning of UPA establishment was reason behind the formation of NDA government. The country was enveloped in a pal of gloom. A serial of corruption used to crop up. Today, every countryman can say that the Modi government has succeeded in making people repose faith and belief in governance. There was a public perception that the country is devoid of any government. During the last one year, even our opponents did not allege corruption charges against the ruling establishment. I can firmly say that there is not an iota of pressure around. In fact, success after success in governance and people's growing blessings have made us strong enough to work with enthusiasm.

Has such notion crept in the last one year that the government is unable to deliver something?

We should remember the pre-election period. All newspapers, including Dainik Jagran, were teeming with the story of scams and sandals. Now, you go through today's broadsheets, which are full of government achievements. We extended support to earthquake-ravaged Nepal. We safely evacuated people stranded in Yemen. Army launched massive rescue operations in flood-hit Kashmir last year. The entire Union Cabinet visited hailstone-affected states. Earlier, the scam worth Rs 1.74 crore would make the headlines. This time, government smiles all the way to bank with Rs two lakh crore from coal auction. The inflation has also come down. Earlier, the External Affairs Minister would read the speech of other countries. Now, the foreign countries are lauding our policies. We have made significant progress in the field of power generation which remained stagnant for the last 30 years. For the last 10 years, the ratio of road construction was only two kilometers per day. Now, the data increased to 10 km per day. We have made major progress in tourism and FDI sectors. Employees have to reach office on time in Modi regime.

What are the major challenges before the country and how much time the government will take to overcome them?

You must have seen 2015 General Budget. We have vowed to rid historic problems in 5-7 years whether it is providing houses to poor or addressing water, power and road problems. A large section of the country must not be devoid of such facilities. India is a young country. We must train our youths as per the needs of modern era so that they can get better jobs.

What has your government done for the poor, middle class and small traders in the last one year?

You have asked a very good question. Generally, the government does little for this section. Today, middle and lower middle class may play a crucial role in shaping country's future. We have focused on it. All the schemes are being launched for them. We have been working on the sole agenda of generating jobs since the government formation. Therefore, we have started to work on making India a global manufacturing hub.

To be continued...