Amish Tripathi participated in the discussion on the topic 'Religious and Cultural Concerns' in India. Along with Amish Tripathi were famous Urdu poet Munawwar Rana and author Tarek Fateh.

On being asked about his Shiva Triology, Amish said, "I was an atheist earlier and being an atheist in India is not a sin. While penning down my book, somewhere it transformed me into a theist."

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Amish Tripathi spoke on a neutral line on Pakistan and said, "The opposite of love is not hatred rather it is detachment. We should also adopt such a concept when it comes to Pakistan. Let us concentrate more on our country instead of Pakistan."

Highlighting Indian youth, the author said, "Liberalism doesn't mean being left. It means accepting truth. The new generation has different perceptions." The theme of forum was inclusive democracy in contemporary context.

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