Country’s largest state! 20 crore population! Fifth largest country in terms of population on world’s map! Politically strong! Uttar Pradesh sends 80 MPs to the 545-member Lower House. The state has given eight Prime Ministers to the country. Land is also capable of yielding good crops. But ironically, country’s fourth largest software exporter state has poor literacy rate.


The main aim is to make UP a developed state with better health facilities and higher literacy rate. The state will have not only to increase agriculture production but also to boost farmers’ financial condition so that they can’t take extreme step.

The state government needs to create investor friendly environment to set up industries in the state. Better utilization of available resources could make a sea change in the development of the state. Development of state could be expedited by creating social harmony.


Jagran Forum will give voice to the aspirations of the people. We will provide the platform to political leaders who will come forward rising above the party lines.


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