Noted filmmaker Muzaffar Ali says that UP cannot develop without ensuring the prosperity of the rural areas in the state. Expressing his views on the development of the State, the filmmaker stressed on bringing Aam Adami at the centre of the government’s welfare schemes. He further added that state’s overall development cannot be achieved without bringing the common people of the state in the main stream of the society.     

Famous dancer Kumkum Dhar has opined that all sections of the society are required to make joint efforts. She also added that people in the society need to keep aside their differences, whatsoever be the reason, and work together with affirmative attitude for ensuring overall growth of the state.

Famous Urdu poet Munawwar Rana is of the view that politics of vengeance is hampering the development of Uttar Pradesh. He says that politics of this kind is making people unsafe. Without inducing a sense of safety and security in the people, how can one be sure of the state’s development, questioned Rana. He further said that government seems to be surrounded by sycophants and denying to heed to the people’s grievances.


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