New Delhi: The better health facility is the inherent part of any developed society. Uttar Pradesh is certainly moving on the path of development which needs better health. The state has the basic infrastructure for the health sector.

The state government has strived hard to make available the health facilities to the doorsteps of common man.

Over 20,000 health sub centers, 3,500 primary health centers, 500 community health centers and 72 district hospitals have been set up in the state to provide better health services to the people. Nearly 1.36 lakh ‘Asha’ workers have been appointed to boost the rural health services.

Despite, it’s also a stark reality that only 23 percent of the children in the state are administered all the necessary vaccines. A large number of children die of encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) in the state.

According to the official sources, more than 350 children have already died of this lethal disease.

Unfortunately, the state recently witnessed a scam worth Rs 6, 000 crore in the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) scheme. Despite, Rs 2, 685 crore is available under this scheme in the state.

The Centre has also cleared the way for setting up AIIMS in Uttar Pradesh to provide super specialty medical facility to the people.

The national life expectancy for men and women are 62.6 years and 64.2 years respectively. In UP, life expectancy for men and women are 60 years 59.5 years respectively.

The government should also relax the poor patients from the financial burden of medical treatments by providing free medicines to them in the government hospitals.

The Central Government is planning to allocate substantial funds in next five years for the supply of free medicines. The better and efficient management of funds may help the poor.

The state government also needs to control the maternal mortality rate at the earliest. A lots of pregnant women die while giving birth to the babies thanks to the inadequate health services. The state government can bring down this if it adequately implements the centre-sponsored Janani Suraksha scheme which aims at reducing the maternal mortality rate.

Infant mortality rate is another gray area which needs to be checked. Sixty one children out of 1000 die before their first birthday while the infant mortality rate at a nation level is 47.


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