New Delhi: Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said that the Centre is ready to implement the scheme of free diabetes check-up and its treatment across the nation in next six months.

He was speaking at a function organized by Jagran’s social initiative Pehel.

“Observing the lax attitude of the state government in the pilot project, it seems likely that a complete implementation may take time. Presently, the pilot project is being operational in 100 districts,” he added. In addition to diabetes, efforts are being made to provide the possible treatment to heart related diseases, cancer and stroke.

Azad expressed his grave concern over the lethargic attitude of the state governments to conduct mandatory diabetes check of the pregnant women.

“Last month while delivering a lecture at the United Nations, I was proud to announce that India was one of the nations which had started a programme to fight non communicable diseases. But now, it is disheartening to notice the poor implementation of the same,” he said.

Azad informed that presently national programme to control heart diseases, cancer and diabetes was being conducted in 100 backward districts. “Under this, around two crore people had to be tested. Due to the lackadaisical attitude of state governments, not even five lakh population have benefitted from it,” he added.

“Examination of diabetes and high blood pressure is important. Most of the pregnant women die due to this. Timely treatment can also reduce the pressure on the health infrastructure,” said Azad.

“The Centre which has started this initiative can be successful through Jagran’s support. Usually people fear from any kind of health check-up. In this view, it is difficult to make people in backward regions understand the importance of diabetes check-up,” he added.

Danik Jagran’s Managing Editor and Rajya Sabha member, Mahendra Mohan Gupta said that apart from spreading awareness on ill effects of diabetes amongst people, it is also important to see that diabetic patients also lead a healthy life.

World Diabetes Foundation chief Anil Kapoor said that a joint effort from policy makers, executers and NGOs will help in this direction.

Among others, UNFPA representative Fredrika Meijer, UNICEF India’s Dr Henry Van Den Homeberg, Medanta Medicity’s Dr Ambrish Mittal and PHFI’s Dr Subhadra Menon were also present on the occasion.