New Delhi: A day after Dainik Jagran reported about the weak security arrangements at the Delhi Police headquarters, Delhi Police Commissioner BK Gupta directed officials to strengthen the security at the premises.

On Monday, no police officer or common visitor was allowed inside the headquarters without undergoing a strict search and checking their identity cards.

Private and government vehicles going inside the premises were also thoroughly checked.

Around a dozen police personnel were deployed at the front and back entrances of the headquarters, who were manually frisking every person after going through a metal detector, which was not done earlier.

It should be noted that Dainik Jagran had published that there was no scanner at the main gate and neither cars nor bags were scanned. Policemen roamed freely and people entered the police HQ premises without any strict check.

According to a senior official, now strict security check will be there at all the three gates and no person will enter the headquarters sans checking.