Dehradun: The significant presence of a minute creature like spiders has to a great extent put the apprehensions of the increasing Tree Line and contracting Alpines to rest. The scientists have been raising concern over the expansion of the tree line beyond 10,000 feet and contraction of the alpines due to global warming. But with no change in the habitat of the spiders have strengthened the hypothesis that global warming has not reached an alarming stage.

Significant contribution of the spiders has been discovered in a research carried out at the Wildlife Research of India.

Conducting a research at the WRI, eminent scientist Dr VP Uniyal collected samples of 107 spiders belonging to various families and species found in the higher altitudes of the Nanda Devi biosphere reserve.

The natural habitat of these spiders was based at an altitude between 10,000 to 13,000 feet while some samples were also collected from the valley during winter, summer and rainy season.

It was observed that neither there was any change in the habitat site of the spiders nor had any notable change in their number. The scientists arrived on the conclusion that if the temperatures would have risen due to global warming, it would have definitely affected the habitat of the spiders.

Though the study has come out with encouraging results but the research is still in process. The study is contributing not just in exploring different species of the spiders and their habitats but it has also been revealing significant facts about global warming.