New Delhi: In a self-centric world, chances of encountering humanitarian acts which prove to be thicker than blood relation are rare but not extinct. Providing a ground to this is the unique relation shared by Suman and Anita (both names changed). Unknown to each other, the only bond they share is a sense of sympathy and a willingness to exchange their hardships transforming them into joy.

Since Suman and Anita’s husbands are ailing from kidney failure, both the women decided to donate their kidneys to their husbands. But the twist here is that, Suman will be donating her kidney to Anita’s husband and vice-versa.

Residing in Bhatinda, Suman’s husband Mahesh Singh suffered kidney failure following which he has to undergo regular dialysis. During the treatment in a private hospital in Jalandhar, doctor advised him to undergo transplantation for one kidney. This gave them hope and Suman decided to offer her kidney but as their blood groups did not match, Suman’s desire to help her husband could not be fulfilled.

Anita, residing in Ferozpur shares a similar story. Her husband Yashpal is also suffering from kidney failure and due to non-matching of their blood group, transplantation was ruled out.

Destiny had its own way of helping Suman and Anita. Co-incidentally both of them met and Suman’s blood-group matched with Anita’s husband and Amita’s with that of Suman’s husband. Therefore, they have now decided to donate their kidneys to each other’s husband and save their lives.

Suman’s request of kidney donation has been approved, confirmed Dr Neelam Bajaj from Bhtainda. Whereas Anita’s request is likely to get nod at the earliest, reiterated a civil surgeon from Ferozpur.

(JPN/ Bureau)