The new XF is much lighter than its predecessor, courtesy the new aluminium structure . This has not only reduced the weight, but along with the clever combination of ultra-high-strength steel, which also increased torsional rigidity by 28 per cent.

The company claims near perfect 50:50 weight distribution for the new car that will be launched globally with both the rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive options.

The company is using a new chain-driven AWD system that is both lighter and more efficient than the conventional system. The highlight however is the Intelligent Driveline Dynamics system that sends torque to the rear wheels till it detects loss of traction through yaw rate, steering angle, lateral acceleration and shifts torque to the front wheels.

The American car market gets supercharged V6 petrol engine options with the most powerful 380bhp version capable of reaching 100kph in five seconds. This second generation XF has much bigger wheelbase and hence should have better cabin space compared to the previous model.

According to the company, the new XF will come to Indian car market by the end of this year and will also get a four-cylinder diesel engine for efficiency.