Jaitley said he had written several letters to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and informed him that the rules framed for the selection of the members of the Lokpal were actually divergent to the Act itself.

 “I had repeatedly written to the Prime Minister that the Rules framed under the legislation for appointment of the members of the Lokpal were contrary to the Act,” Jaitley wrote on his Facebook page.

“They seriously compromise the dignity of the institution inasmuch as the Judges were expected to apply for positions and write essays on themselves as to how they were most suited to be a Lokpal,” he added.

“The effort of the UPA government was to rig the appointment process and have pliable Lokpal appointed. However, the system today has become far stronger. It does not allow compromise with fairness,” he wrote.

Jaitley said the UPA’s misdemeanor has not succeeded and the entire rule-making process would have to start afresh.

He added that the lesson UPA could take from both Snoopgate Judge appointment and Lokpal cases is that the system is much more powerful than the government.

“This malafide exercise did not succeed. The whole process including the framing of the Rules will now have to start afresh,” Jaitley wrote.

“The lesson of both the Lokpal and the Snoopgate Judge appointment is that the systems are more powerful than the governments. If governments try to fix institutions the iron curtain of the system prevents such exercise,” he added.


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