Criticizing Banerjee for her poor selection of words against the Gujarat Chief Minister, Jaitley said her politics is of anger and confrontation and development has never been her forte.

“Conventional wisdom would suggest that Mamata Banerjee’s and her party’s traditional rival in West Bengal are the Left parties. The Congress party would occupy the third spot with the BJP being an also ran. Why then is the BJP the principal target of Didi’s attack? Every day she crosses the laxman rekha and uses the choicest adjectives against Narendra Modi,” Jaitley wrote on his Facebook page.

“Mamata Didi is an intelligent politician. There is a method in whatever she does. Good governance is never her forte,” he added.

“Angry and agitational politics is her strength. A large part of the vote that enabled her to rout the Left in the Assembly elections were those aspirational voters who rejected the Left’s lack of development politics,” he further said.

Jaitley also claimed that Banerjee was aware of the fact that only illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators, roadside goons and traditional TMC supporters only support her now in West Bengal and that is why she was using distasteful language against Modi.

“The Bhadralok had all shifted to Didi as a reaction. It is this very vote which now wants to see Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister,” Jaitley said.

“Didi’s Poribortan is not Good Governance or Development. It is anarchy, booth capturing and encouragement to illegal infiltration. The current problem is not New Delhi. It is West Bengal. She fears a radical shift of 15 percent vote share that put her in power in the Assembly Elections to the BJP. If that happens, she has only three votes left,” he added.

 “Firstly, the traditional Trinamool supporters, secondly the goons who have moved from the Left to her side and thirdly the illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh. It is the last of these votes which is Didi’s mainstay. For this cause she has to justify infiltration and abuse Modi,” he wrote.

Banerjee, who has so far ruled out any possibility of forming an alliance with BJP after the results of Lok Sabha polls, has accused Modi of dividing the people of her state on the basis of caste and religion.

The fiery TMC supremo has used offensive terms for Modi in the past and she even called him a ‘donkey’ at one instance.

Earlier on Thursday, Banerjee had called Modi a ‘dangababu’ and said her party would complain to the Election Commission alleging that the BJP was collecting 'Modi for PM' fund.


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