Sonia had broadcast an appeal on various TV channels in which she said that the current Lok Sabha elections was a fight to protect “the very heart and soul of India” from those who want to divide the people of this country.

Mocking Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, Jaitley in his campaign blog said the idea behind Sonia Gandhi's message was ‘to change the principle communicator of the party from the son to the mother’.

“Messages on paid television time cannot last minute change the electoral agenda. Price rise, mismanagement of the economy, corruption, dilution of the office of the Prime Minister cannot be a part of either ‘Bhartiyata’ or ‘Hindustaniyat’. This message will not click,” Jaitley said on his blog.

Launching a blistering attack on the BJP, Sonia appealed to the people to defeat ‘divisive and autocratic’ forces which will ‘destroy’ the Indian ethos.

"Their vision, clouded with hatred and falsehood, their ideology - divisive and autocratic, will drive us to the ruination of our Bharatiyata and Hindustaniyat," Sonia said in her appeal.

"Today, our society stands at a crossroads. The Congress ideology and vision will continue to take us towards a healthy, free democracy, open to the life of change and transformation," she added.


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