Jamshedpur:  Demanding payment of salaries from December to February for the financial year 2010-11, teachers from the minority class began a hunger strike on Friday. The protestors sat on a fast before the office of the District Education Superintendant here.

The teachers of Shikshak Sangh Sanyukt Morcha who were holding fast included Aftab Alam, Ashok Kumar, Naki Alam, Pankaj and Ravi Singh. They accused the Primary Education Department of being arbitrary and careless due to which they have been driven to die of hunger.  

About 250 teachers of 54 minority schools in the district have assured their support to the agitating teachers.

Meanwhile, the Primary Education Department has made it clear that no compromise will be made in this regard. According to the sources in the department, it has been clearly stated in the letter of the Primary Education Director that no outstanding payment will be made to the teachers for the financial year 2010-11.

Demands of the teachers

1.    Payment of outstanding salary of December, January and February of financial year 2010-11.
2.    Government must pay the outstanding payment from the fund allocated for the financial year 2011-12.
3.    The department must explain if the fund for the year 2010-11was not allocated then how the payment for November was made to the teachers.

District Education Superintendant Sushil Kumar said, “If their demands would have been in adherence to the rules, we could have looked into it but in spite of the written order by the Primary Education Director, the teachers are pressing for their demands.”