"I always listen to my inner voice and my inner voice says that it's not fair that Anna is sitting on fast alone and I am not," Bedi said in Ralegan Siddhi after meeting Hazare who has been on fast for the immediate passage of Jan Lokpal Bill in Parliament.
"I never observed fast in my life for any purpose, be it religious or otherwise. This will be my maiden fast. I am moved as Hazare is observing the fast alone. I feel that I should join him as being a member of Civil Society," she said.     

Bedi further said she took the decision to go on fast after consulting Hazare who gave his consent.     

The former IPS officer, who had actively participated in the Jan Lokpal movement that galvanised the nation, held over two-hour-long discussion with Hazare at Yadav Baba temple, the venue of his fast.
She exhorted people to throw out of power the Congress-led UPA government at Centre if it fails to deliver on Jan Lokpal Bill.
"People must vote against the ruling alliance at Centre led by Congress if it failed to pass the Jan Lokpal bill in ongoing winter session of Parliament," she said.
"People of India have given a clear message in recent Assembly polls to UPA government. People have chosen a corruption-free alternative (in AAP in Delhi election) due to awareness created by Anna's movement since 2011," Bedi said.
Hazare (76) began his hunger strike pressing for the immediate passage of Jan Lokpal Bill in winter session of Parliament yesterday and has clarified that he would not relent unless the legislation is passed.


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