BJP took a jibe at the opposition leaders saying those who have been "rejected" by the people and are facing corruption charges or have been convicted are getting together in the name of Janata Parivar to "throw dust in the eyes of people in order to secure their vote banks."
"This is not Janata Parivar. They are the corrupt who have been rejected by the people and it is a get-together of brand ambassadors of misgovernance.
"It is unfortunate that the opposition parties are unable to digest that the country is on the path of development and good governance initiated by Narendra Modi government. The issue-less opposition is acting as a road-blocker in the path of development, good governance and economic agenda of the government," BJP's national secretary Shrikant Sharma said.
Attacking Samajwadi Party, Janata Dal (United), Janata Dal (Secular) and RJD, he said after their defeat in Lok Sabha polls, these parties are "unsuccessfully" trying to unite under the banner of Janata Parivar.
"They are making such failed attempts to cobble up a united front in the name of self-claimed Janata Parivar in order to secure their own vote banks," he said, adding they will not be able to "befool the public any more as they have known them well by now and their intentions will never be fulfilled."
"These regional parties have neither any policy nor principles. In fact, this coalition is a symbol of corruption, nepotism, misgovernance and opportunism," Sharma said.

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