Lord Krishna has performed numerous miracles, saved innumerable lives, annihilated the evil and shared priceless lessons on truth, peace and karma, which are vividly and wonderfully preserved in the divine book Bhagavad Gita.

Not only his marvels validate the omnipresent and ubiquitous presence of the supreme power, but also firmly endorse and reaffirm the faith of millions of his devotees.

The whole world celebrates the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna with zeal and fervour. People keep fast and stay up till midnight to celebrate his birth with joy.  Not to forget, the alluring Dahi Handi is celebrated across various regions during this festive day.

Here, we bring few glimpses from his joyful childhood, mischievous adolescence, numinous adulthood, to his fascinating Rasleelas.


Lord Krishna was born on the eighth day of waning moon. Devki gave birth to the divine baby, or the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu in her brother Kansa’s prison.


Vasudev, Krishna’s father, took the baby to the house of his friend amid heavy rain. But nothing barred his way and five-mouthed snake, Sheshnag provided shelter to the Lord while crossing a brimming Yamuna river.


Krishna, known for his mischief, loves to steal butter and play pranks. His mother Yashoda silently approached him from behind and caught him off-guard in action.


Tired of listening Krishna’s complaint, Maa Yashoda tried to bind him with rope, but failed despondently as his powers have no bound.


The soulful music emanating from Krishna’s flute attracts birds, animals, and cowherds. He would enchant his friends and gopis with his charming personality and they had undying love for their lord.


The womenfolk of Gokul were head over heels in love with Krishna. But the love of his foster mother Maa Yashodha has no comparison. She simply lived every moment of her life for her beloved Krishna.


Krishna bent the huge head of Kaliya serpent and leapt up on his hoods. Then, Krishna defeated him and danced over his hood while playing victorious tunes from his flute


Krishna loves to play flute for nature and birds because they are also living beings. All creatures used to get into the joyous mood when he would play mellifluous tunes.


Lord Krishna had 16,108 queens. He devoted equal time to each one of them at 16,108 different palaces. Such was his charisma that every queen believed the Lord is with her only.


Krishna lifted the Govardhan hill with the little finger of his left hand, protecting all the inhabitants of Vrindavan along with their cows. For seven days they stayed under the hill, safe from the torrential rains, and surprisingly, untouched by hunger and thirst.


Kansa’s every attempt to kill Krishna had failed. Krishna and Balraam had destroyed the force of his mighty warriors and finally killed the presumed invincible Kansa.


Krishna came to rescue to Draupdi when Dhushasan tried to disrobe her. With His blessings, Draupadi's robe became endless and her honour was intact.


Krishna explains all the essential spiritual truths in the Bhagavad Gita. He narrates the lessons on the Supreme Soul (God), reincarnation, the nature of time and the ultimate purpose of human life to Arjuna, the son of Kunti.

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