Tokyo:  Japan will now punish people who create or spread computer viruses with fines and prison terms of three years. Under a new law enacted by parliament, police can seize e-mail communication logs of suspects from internet service providers, said a media report.

Japan has signed the Convention on Cybercrime - the first international treaty to combat crimes committed via internet and other computer networks.

The treaty, however, required passing of relevant domestic laws to conclude it.

Under the new law, people in Japan who create or distribute a computer virus with no justifiable reason face prison sentences up to three years or fines up to nearly $6,000.

People, who deliberately store a computer virus,will face up to two years in prison or fines up to Rs $3,500.

The text of the new law says: 'In view of the realities of cyber crime associated with the advancement of information processing ... it is necessary to develop the necessary regulations.