Mumbai: The massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan and led to the shutdown of five nuclear power plants in the country has become a cause of worry for Jaitapur residents in Maharashtra. The main reason behind the fret of Jaitapur residents is the upcoming nuclear plant in Konkan region.

The Japan tsunami triggered a blast at the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor injuring at least 4 people. Following this catastrophe, around 1.7 lakh people have been evacuated from that area due to a radiation threat. Now, residents of Jaitapur fear that if the 460 MW capacity Fukushima plant could pose serious radiation risk, then the 9900 MW nuclear plant which is to be built in Jaitapur can lead to a disaster.

Once built, the Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant will be the largest nuclear power generating station in the world.

This threat cannot be ignored as experts have said that the Konkan region, where the world’s largest nuclear plant will be built, falls under seismic zone and is prone to earthquakes.

The Koyna region, which is the most earthquake prone area, is located at 60 kilometres away from the proposed site of the project and the Ratnagiri district which falls under category-3 of seismic zone is 35 kilometres away from the site.

Following this, the experts view Ratnagiri-Sidhidurg of Konkan region as the most dangerous areas.

According to government statistics, around 95 tremors have hit the area from 1985 to 1995 and 17 jolts have been felt in within two years.