Tokyo: Days when one will travel to space are not far away, a Japanese astronaut currently on board the International Space Station said on Wednesday.
"The days when you will travel to space are not far away", Akihiko Hoshide, a 43-year-old astronaut from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.
Hoshide, in a live radio broadcast told listeners of a radio programme in Japan that "Space is nearer to you than you think."
"I'd like to look at the sky and feel familiar with space," Hoshide said.
On the programme, pop group Exile vocalist Nesmith relayed questions from listeners, including how Hoshide felt when he made two spacewalks to fix a malfunctioning power unit in late August and early September.
"I did not feel any pressure and was really happy when I saw the smiling faces of my fellow astronauts after I completed the mission without trouble and returned to the vehicle," Hoshide said.
The earth, when observed from space, "looks inexplicably beautiful and I'd like you all to be able to observe it with your own eyes," he added.


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