Gorakhpur: The threat of Japanese Encephalitis is looming large in the eastern Uttar Pradesh with each passing day as 400 people have reportedly died of getting infected with the disease since January this year.

The numbers of patients infected with Encephalitis are on the rise in BR Medical College in Gorakhpur and other hospitals. In the last two days alone, as many as 62 patients were admitted to Nehru Hospital in which 14 Encephalitis victims could not survive during the treatment.

At present, almost 300 patients are undergoing treatment for Encephalitis in Nehru Hospital. Notably, 2,248 Encephalitis patients have been admitted to Gorakhpur’s Medical College since January this year. The death toll is assumed to be higher than the estimated 400.

Despite crores of rupees have been provided by the state government to check the mosquito generated Encephalitis in Uttar Pradesh, doctors are finding it tough to provide treatment to the patients coming in large numbers at a time.