Tokyo: Coming in aid for its people affected by the twin-disasters, the Japanese government is poised to shoulder almost all the costs of reconstruction in quake and tsunami affected areas, cabinet members said.

Top government spokesman Yukio Edano said on Sunday, “The state would like to fully (take on the responsibility for such costs) without burdening the local governments,'' saying some municipalities are struggling financially in the aftermath of the disaster.

Disaster management minister Ryu Matsumoto said, “Nearly all costs will come from state coffers.” He indicated the government will consider raising the legally allowable rate of expenses it can shoulder to help local municipalities remove the rubble from the current 97.5 percent.

Internal affairs minister Yoshihiro Katayama assured that the government will make all-out efforts to reduce the amount of money that municipalities have to pay to rebuild the communities.

About subsidies, Takeshi Hidaka, parliamentary environment secretary said, “It will inevitably grow to a considerable amount. Prefectural governments should lead the work in getting rid of rubble for cities, towns or villages if asked to do so by the smaller governments.”

Bureaucrats are also being urged by the government to voluntarily participate in disaster relief operations such as distributing emergency relief supplies to evacuees especially in the heavily affected areas of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, government officials said.